Support DEVCO on financing sustainable developmentProject title: Expert technical support for the EU's work on Financing for Sustainable Development

Department: Lot 6: Innovative financing for development
Project Location(s): Belgium
Education: unspecified
Compensation: 36 months

The overarching objective of this assignment is to provide timely, flexible and technical expertise to the Commission to support its ongoing work on financing sustainable development and the implementation of the Addis Agenda.

The principal objectives will be to:

  • Conduct research and analysis and provide technical and analytical support to the Commission in the area of financing sustainable development and the means of implementation of the 2030 Agenda;
  • Provide advice on how the Commission can better contribute to the implementation of the Addis Agenda, and on how the Commission can help the EU’s collective implementation of the Addis Agenda;
  • Support the Commission in fostering the implementation of the Addis Agenda in partner countries;
  • Support the Commission in its reporting on EU and Member States’ Official Development Assistance (ODA) spending and monitoring of EU and Member States’ ODA commitments;
  • Support the Commission in its reporting and monitoring of other financing commitments;
  • Support the Commission in preparing its contributions and inputs to UN-ECOSOC reporting and review processes, contributing to and drafting reports monitoring EU progress against the Addis Agenda and Agenda 2030;
  • Support the Commission in preparing its 2020 report on Investing in Sustainable Development;
  • Support on communication on EU engagement on financing sustainable development issues.

Expertise required

Overall the team would need to have:

  • In-depth knowledge of Financing for Development issues, sound knowledge of the role of Financing for Development in the international development landscape and the on-going international discussions on these issues, proven experience of working on most of the Addis Ababa Action Areas themes and sub-themes. The following themes would need to be covered: domestic revenue mobilisation, transparency, public financial management, budget support; support to private investment; corporate social responsibility; remittances and migration; trade, aid-for-trade; development effectiveness and joint programming; climate finance; resilience; blending; innovative financing sources and instruments; science, technology and innovation; external debt; policy coherence for development; statistical capacity building.
  • Strong data collection and data interpretation skills; ability to manage data analysis and deliver background notes, tables, graphs, data simulations and projections, and detailed figures on request;
  • Skills in statistical and data modelling and presentation, including of complex sets of data, through dedicated IT softwares for data analysis and visualisation;
  • Strong policy analysis and drafting skills;
  • Ability to present data and information for public presentation, including visually, in an accessible manner;
  • In-depth knowledge and proven experience working on the ODA reporting system;
  • Good knowledge of SDG indicators and results frameworks;
  • Good facilitation and communication skills both oral and written, including ability to deliver trainings and to present in an accessible manner;
  • Graphic design, creative and technical skills; knowledge of design softwares; skills in design and data visualisation work for the development sector including reports; knowledge of the different stakeholders’ groups (including CSOs, private sector); ability to detect main signals in datasets and provide the best options for visualisation; knowledge of the different stages of publication production; knowledge of the design and development of web and multi-tiered internet applications, including social media applications; understanding of Social Media tracking methodologies and techniques.
  • Excellent command of English (ability to draft and edit documents in English, address technical issues in writing, and to communicate complex issues in a clear and concise manner).