Fegari All-in-One Solar LED Street Lights

Fegari all-in-one solar LED street lights constitute the most innovative, cost-effective and elegant solution to illuminate public and private spaces such as streets and intersections, markets and public squares, industrial and military compounds, border checkpoints and bus stops. Wherever there is no reliable pre-existing electrified street light infrastructure, all-in-one solar street lights are the best option for illumination.

key features

All in One Design
LED lights for maximum brightness
Fully customisable
High efficient solar panel
Intelligent Design
Certified for CE, ROHS, IP65

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control your light

Extreme long life LEDs

Our High quality LED are designed to last for over 100.000 hours in harsh weather conditions, thanks to its waterproof design and thorough quality control.

Ultra-efficient LED lights for maximum brightness

High brightness and low light decay: Customised LM80 Nichia LED are used in Fegari Lamps which achieve an unmatched 210LM/W efficiency.

40% more illumination

Our patented special light distribution lenses vastly improve the illumination area. Compared with competitor products, illumination area is increased by 40% , and illumination uniformity is improved by up to 170%.

Powerful Battery

Best-in-class Level A LiFePO4 batteries are used by Fegari. It features not only up to 7 times’ longer lifespan than lead-acid but also has unique charging depth protection.

Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

Fegari lamps use custom-tailored US Sunpower mono crystalline solar panels as powering source. Its 24% charging efficiency is significantly higher than standard mono crystalline (17%) or polycrystalline panels.

Motion Sensor

Fegari lamps come complete with a built-in motion detection system that automatically regulates the light source from full bright (100%) to the energy saving output (15%) to increase battery autonomy if needed or preferred.

why choose us

Fegari lamps offer high quality solar powered LED light solutions with unparalleled warranties at competitive prices. Extensive research, the best components, and extremely stringent and thorough manufacturing processes in Dresden, Germany assure that the Fegari All-in-one Solar LED Lights are offering optimal solutions for our customers. Fegari Lamps excell in terms of guaranteed lifespan, quality of light delivered and options for customization and adaptation.

  • Easy and trouble free installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Theft proof
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Extremely long life span
  • Complex and expensive to install
  • Requires engineer to install and maintain
  • High probability of failure
  • Expensive maintenance costs
  • Batteries and controller prone to theft

power up!

Fegari street lights are always tailored to the specific needs of the client, offering a wide range of additional features (i.e. special industrial standards, different performance specifications, or features such as video-surveillance, Wifi hotspots and mobile device charging).

  • street lighting
  • rural & hard-to-reach areas
  • special events
  • emergency response
  • construction & work sites
  • security lighting
  • military applications
  • parking areas

install your fegari light

Fegari products are known for their ease of installation. Under most circumstances, installing our solar LED street lights is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete.

Use 4 screws to fix the support on the lamp and fix the lamp on the pole. The lamp has an on/off switch. Turn the lamp on and it works.

Standard solar LED street lights take usually 3-4 hours to assemble. Fegari Lamps cut costs and reduce the risk of failures due to inadequate installation.


select your model


LED Watt 15
Solar Panel (W) 30
Lithium Battery (WH) 192
Luminous Flux  2400- 2550
Color Temperature 6000- 6500


LED Watt 20
Solar Panel (W) 50
Lithium Battery (WH) 256
Luminous Flux 3200- 3400
Color Temperature 6000- 6500


LED Watt 30
Solar Panel (W) 70
Lithium Battery (WH) 320
Luminous Flux 4800- 5100
Color Temperature 6000- 6500


LED Watt 40
Solar Panel (W) 100
Lithium Battery (WH) 448
Luminous Flux 6400- 6800
Color Temperature 6000- 6500


LED Watt 50
Solar Panel (W) 120
Lithium Battery (WH) 512
Luminous Flux 8000- 8500
Color Temperature 6000- 6500

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