African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries: Technical Assistance for the Monitoring of the EU Energy Facility’s projects

African, Caribbean and Pacific countries
European Commission - DG DEVCO
Environment & Climate Change

project description

The ACP-EU Energy Facility (EF) was established in 2005 to co-finance projects on increasing access to modern and sustainable energy services for the poor in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, especially in rural and peri-urban areas. Luvent was commissioned to perform the following activities in the monitoring of the Energy Facility projects.

1) Draft a technical brief on blockchain in the energy sector in the ACP-region, including:

  • Explain the technology,
  • Provide an overview of how it is currently used in the energy sector in ACP-countries,
  • Highlight trends and possible future applications,
  • Make recommendations to better seize blockchain advantages

2) Draft a discussion paper for the energy facility, focused on the electrification of public structures in ACP countries, including:

  • Explain the bias in the electrification discussion that focusses on the electrification of households,
  • Describe the methodological difficulties in documenting the impact of electrification of educational and health services in rural areas
  • Analyse the quantitative and qualitative data on improvement of services due to electrification from Energy Facility projects
  • Describe lessons from different ownership and management models when it comes to schools and health clinics

3) Draft a series of discussion papers for the energy facility, focused on assessing the monitoring and evaluation conducted of 178 renewable energy projects funded by the EU in ACP countries, including:

  • Analyse and assess the monitoring and evaluation reports from 178 EU funded renewable energy projects globally
  • Review the effectiveness and efficiency of funding across several indicators including return on investment in terms of energy costs per beneficiary reached etc.
  • Make recommendations to revise the design, tendering and programming of renewable energy projects
  • Make recommendations on the use of innovative technologies such as blockchain and big data analysis.

services provided

  • Researched the different uses and pilot projects harnessing blockchain in the energy sector in ACP countries
  • Analysed current trends of blockchain use and elaborated recommendations for the future
  • Drafted a technical brief describing the technology and summarising key features of use cases, trends and recommendations,
  • Reviewed the rural electrification literature with particular emphasis on public structures
  • Analysed the reports and evaluations of 58 Energy Facility Projects, with particular focus on their design, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability
  • Assessed the challenges faced by the Energy Facility Projects and provided recommendations to overcome them