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about us

Luvent Consulting is an economic development consultancy with headquarter in Berlin, Germany and regional offices in Asunción, Dushanbe, Nairobi, Windhoek and Yangon. We are committed to providing quality solutions to the challenges of sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Our Credo guides us in our daily work, in our quest for excellence and innovation, in our communication with clients, and within our own teams. We believe in the power of development consulting and support our own charity projects around the world through Luvent Cares.

Luvent Consulting

We have specialised in providing quality services with innovative ideas to our private and public sector clients worldwide

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Luvent Credo

Our Credo guides our employees. It serves as a compass for strategic decisions and defines the way we do business each day.

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Luvent Cares

We support projects that improve the quality of life particularly of children in the developing world with our expertise through Luvent Cares.

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our consulting services in international development


Economic Development is dependent on an effective enabling environment and continuous public support. We therefore provide services through a wide range of approaches that promote economic growth while considering social equity and environmental factors.

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Environment &
Climate Change

Climate change and environmental protection are crucial topics in the 21st century, and which are likely to affect developing countries first. In addressing these challenges, we take a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach for engaging experts from many disciplines to collaborate.

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We are at the forefront of innovative ICT solutions for international development: Our services facilitate communication within organizations and with its stakeholders, they enhance productivity, increase safety, improve education and drive business development.

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Agriculture &
Rural Development

In rural and agricultural environments, problems are multifaceted and interrelated. We take a holistic approach in addressing the present and future challenges facing both humans and the environment.

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Education &
Employment Promotion

Education is the key to promoting sustainable development and long-term prosperity. We provide assistance to improve the effectiveness of educational systems and link it to the environment of employment and long-term economic development.

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Infrastructure &

We specialise in services to support and implement the planning, financing and maintenance of a wide range of public and private infrastructure, from schools to roads and ports, from master plans to maintenance management.

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With our extensive network in most developing countries and a highly skilled analytics team, we are providing exclusive, first-hand intelligence to our private clients from the industry and financial sector.


We help companies to grow their business in transition and developing economies. We enable market entries, increase production efficiencies and consult on international sourcing and production.

Market Growth

We assist enterprises in transition and developing economies to access the European Union common market, to comply with its regulations and standards. We identify clients and offer product quality analysis.

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