our credo

Our Credo guides our decision making, daily activities and strategic planning. It challenges us to always consider the particular circumstances of the people and the organizations we serve; it challenges us to continuously improve and develop our international expertise. The Credo was developed by our founding partners to address many of the challenges common to international development projects and to guide the Luvent Consulting Team in focusing on what really matters to the people we are serving.

  • We believe that companies, like individuals and societies as a whole, have a responsibility towards their stakeholders and the environment they operate in. This is particularly true in the field of international development, where aspects of culture, morals, values, development objectives and much more require a high degree of understanding of each stakeholder involved while never losing sight of the intended beneficiaries of the projects.
  • In many of our development projects we work with international donors and financial institutions. Our responsibility lies with the organizations, in which the project beneficiaries have enshrined their trust. We are building on decades of numerous project experiences and lessons learned by international donors, on their ethos and approaches to development  corporation.
  • We have a responsibility to use the public and private funds that we are entrusted with in the most responsible and valuable way. This means primarily that we have a responsibility to continue to learn and develop, adapt dynamically to new situations and aspire to provide the highest quality services possible. To do so, we must ensure that our employees are able to live up to their full potential and assure the highest quality standards within our organization.
  • We have a responsibility as a team and as individuals to continuously learn and develop, challenge our own perspectives, and views of the world, remain open to other ways of doing things, and at the same time stand by our own values, morals and convictions. As such we have a responsibility to our employees, to do our best to ensure their safety, health and well-being on their missions, to enable a productive work environment. We encourage an open and communicative environment where employees are able to make suggestions and complaints to address challenges inside and outside our organization. We must assure fair compensation and ethical treatment and install a reliable management culture across all our operations.
  • Our final responsibility we believe is to the global community as a whole. Every international development project is unique and designed to serve a particular community of people. However, they must never obstruct other communities from realizing their development objectives and opportunities. They must not be detrimental for communities outside the beneficiary group. Our responsibility is to train our employees to consider holistic sustainable development aspects including economic, social and environmental sustainability on both small and large scales.