our projects

The team of Luvent Consulting has implemented projects in over 70 countries. Project examples include:

Africa Final Evaluation of the project “EU – Africa Partnership on Infrastructure, Preparatory Activities and Studies”
Africa Infrastructure Development Strategy for the African Development Bank
Albania Support the Development of a National ICT strategy and action plan
Asia Asia-Link Programme, European Commission
Azerbaijan Support the Government of Azerbaijan in development of the industry sector
Bangladesh Joint Financial Management Reform Programme
Bangladesh Assessment of ICT for Development Programme
Bhutan Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Policy, Strategy and Incentive Framework and Management of CSF
Bhutan Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS)
Bosnia and Herzegovina Technical Assistance to support EC Delegation for mobilization of projects under CARDS Programme
Botswana Final Evaluation of the Regional Economic Integration Support Programme (REIS)
Cambodia Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Capacity Development to support the “Promoting Economic Diversification Program”
Cameroon Étude sur la diversification des marches d’exportation de la banane en Europe: pénétration des marches allemand et pays scandinaves
Cameroon Evaluation finale du Programme d’Appui au Plan de Modernisation des Douanes
Caribbean Technical Assistance to Support the NAO Offices of Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis and St. Vincent & the Grenadines with 10th EDF Programming
Chad Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS), ICT focus
CIS CIS: Drafting of the ToR for the TCIS MAP project “SME support in the rural areas”
Comores Audit Technique des contrats de travaux et de supervision
Croatia Improving Information to the Croatian Business Community
Croatia Improving information to the business community — BIZIMPACT II
DR Congo Evaluation finale du Programme d’Aide au Commerce PIN 10ème FED
Egypt Mid-term Evaluation Research, Development and Innovation Programme II (RDI-II)
Egypt Mid-term Evaluation of the Trade and Domestic Market Enhancement Programme (TDMEP)
Ethiopia Mid-term Evaluation of the Transformation Triggering Facility Programme
EU-America EU Programme ALFA II – Final Evaluation (Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico)
Equatorial Guinee Etude de faisabilité. Programme d’appui à la Bonne gouvernance 9e FED Guinée Equatoriale
FYROM Support to the Fiscal Decentralization Process
Georgia Monitoring of the Implementation by GHSPIC of the Grant: Support to Primary Health Care Development
Honduras Pre-Programming Mission for the Honduras Country Strategy
Iraq State Owned Enterprise Restructuring Project
Jamaica Preparation of the 10th EDF – Sectoral Budget Support – Governance, Justice and Security Jamaica
Jordan Technical Assistance to the Jordanian Executive Privatisation Commission
Kenya, Uganda,  Rwanda, Burundi Northern Corridor Trade and Transport Facilitation Study on Improving the Use of COMESA Facilitation Instruments and Strengthening the Northern Corridor Stakeholders’ Forum/ National Trade & Transport Facilitation Committees
Kosovo Incorporation of Publicly Owned Enterprises – Waste and Irrigation Sectors of Kosovo
Kosovo Strengthening the Intellectual Property Rights System in Kosovo
Kyrgyzstan Universal Access to ICT Strategy
Latin America Seminar on Decent Work, Employment and Social Cohesion in Latin America
Latin America Latin America: Study on Results and Impact of ALFA Programme in Europe and Latin America
Libya Identifying action to improve access to finance for SMEs and Private Sector Development in Libya
MEDA Private Sector Development: Methodology for the Creation of New Approaches and Instruments.
Moldova E-Development Strategy
Mongolia Development of national action plan to use ICTs
Mozambique Technical Assistance for Capacity Development Support to the Road Sector in Mozambique
Multi ICTs for sustainability and climate action (ICT4S)
Namibia Feasibility Study on the EC Supported Capacity Development Programme within the National Planning Commission
Namibia Institutional Capacity Development Project supporting the Ministry of Finance and Office of the Auditor General
Nigeria TA service contract for the implementation of the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme Phase III
Pakistan Identification and Formulation of Pakistan Rural Employment and Business Opportunities Programme
Palestine Developing of the Agricultural Insurance System in Palestine ‘Pre Development Phase’
Panama Plan Puebla Panama Joint Venture Facility
Paraguay Country Strategy Paper (CSP)
Paraguay Formulation of a new private sector development project in the rural area
Paraguay Gender Mainstreaming in Governmental Health programs-Capacity Building
Paraguay Study of International Funding Resources in Gender Equity, democracy/citizen participation, economic justice, HIV/AIDS, and peace and justice
Romania SME Development
Rwanda Capacity building of the institutions involved in the rural feeder road sector in Rwanda
Rwanda Public Financial Management project supporting decentralisation and good governance structures
SADC Final Evaluation of SADC Regional Economic Integration Support
Solomon Islands Analysis of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector and Design the Interventions for EDF 11
South Africa Country Level Evaluation, Evaluation of the Commission’s support to South Africa
Swaziland Development of e-governance strategy project
Syria Syrian European Business Center
Tajikistan Strengthening Private Sector Participation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training, PPTA
Tanzania Capacity Building of the Road Transport Sector & Policy Support Programme
Tunisia Assessment of e-government UN Programme
Turkmenistan InfoTuk Phase 2 (High Speed Internet Network for schools)
Ukraine Support the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in the field of debt management and budget forecasting, Twinning Preparation Project
Uruguay, Argentina Asistencia Técnica International al Proyecto de Apoyo a la Instalación del Parlamento del MERCOSUR
USA Educating Key Opinion Leaders in Tobacco Control Legislation
USA Loma Linda University Medical Centre – Education in Preventive Medicine through the Radio Program “Ask your Doctor”
Wallis and Futuna Etude sur le développement d’activités tertiaires délocalisées à Wallis-et-Futuna
Zambia Enhancing Zambia Development Agency’s Capacity to Facilitate Investors and Investment, ACP Business Climate Facility
Zambia Strengthening Local Governance in Zambia – Capital Grant Scheme Phase I