our consulting services

Luvent Consulting GmbH is an innovative international development consultancy, providing capacity development and consulting services to public and private sector clients worldwide. Our services and priority areas are constantly evolving in line with the evolving demands of our clients. Luvent experts from different sectors cooperate closely to deliver integrative and interdisciplinary solutions that correspond to the challenges in the field. Our departments are structured into the following services:

our capacity development & advisory services

International investor analysis

We prepare investor analysis for different countries. This involves conducting due diligence, market analysis, financial and tax projections, and overall portfolio review.

Capacity building activities

We ensure long-term sustainability of projects by applying different capacity development methods. Our clients receive training from our consultants to gain relevant knowledge and skills.

Framework contract management

International aid donors are increasingly using frameworks. We have long-term experience in management, quality assurance and performance tracking of frameworks.

Studies and surveys

Luvent Consulting studies present results of financial, economic or technical research. We provide country analysis, operational evaluations and detailed case studies.

Business development services

Our BDS services help entrepreneurs at various stages of their business needs. These services are primarily aimed at skills transfer or business advice for SMEs.

Fund and grant management

We provide a comprehensive range of grant and fund management services for donors involved in international development. Our tasks include reporting and program implementation.

Public policy analysis and formulation

We examine content, implementation and impact of new and existing public policies. Our analysis of laws and regulations helps governments to understand the merit, worth and the utility of the different policies.

Incubator and start-up support

We help to establish incubators and accelerators that help start-ups to develop business concepts, find networking partners, premises, infrastructure and mentors.

Project formulation, evaluation and monitoring

We provide formulation and evaluation services to support project management cycles of the respective international donor organisation.

why clients choose us


We work with an international network of experts, partners and associates around the world.

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Integrated Approach

We respond to social, gender equality and climate change effects in all our projects and include them in our approach.

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We offer innovative solutions to our clients by addressing new challenges in the digitalisation.

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our sectors


We help governments to support their economy through development of policies.

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environment &
climate change

We develop solutions to reduce emissions and improve environmental protection.

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ICT is a key instrument of sustainable development and triggers profound changes throughout the world.

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agriculture &
rural development

We support governments in their efforts to develop rural areas and improve agricultural production.

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education &

Education is a key driver to promote sustainable development and long-term prosperity.

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infrastructure &

Sustainable transportation protects the environment and allow people to access jobs, education and health services.

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