Benin: Development of a new EU-funded TVET program

Delegation of the European Union to Benin
Education & Employment Promotion

project description

As part of the Multi-annual Indicative Program (MIP) 2021-2027, the EU planned to increase the role of the private sector and to further support the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector in Benin, while creating strong interconnected synergies among the two topics,in line with the National Employment Policy and the National Strategy for TVET. The project contributed to the formulation of a new TVET program (within the framework of the MIP 2021-2027) around the following priority areas: 

  • Reviewing and adjusting the supply of TVET institutions to the labour market demand for skills and professionalization, and territorial differences; 
  • Strengthening the coordination of performance management tools through the creation of pathways between TVET and opportunities for employability; 
  • Developing an inclusive, effective, and efficient network of partners for the TVET program, promoting the complementarity of resources. 

The project included consultations with the representatives of the private sector, to analyse the supply and coverage of TVET to the changing demands of the labour market. The consultants also consulted the TFPs and Team Europe partners active in Benin (including representatives of Member States such as Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands, and the AfDB and EIB). 

services provided

  • Assessed risks and assumptions; 
  • Analysed stakeholder and assessed their needs, interests and capacities (organization of three regional workshops); 
  • Analysed institutional capacity and the capacity of the private sector; 
  • Conducted participatory workshops for the coordination of performance management tools; 
  • Reviewed the labour market information system 
  • Assessed cross-cutting issues (e.g. gender, governance, environment) 
  • Formulated a Team Europe Response Strategy that identified and formulated a TVET program in the context of the Multi-annual Indicative Program 2021-2027, in line with the TVET National Strategy; this included drafting two Action Documents and one Concept Note, budgeting initiatives and proposing three Logical Frameworks (for each project) and one Global Logical Framework for the programme.