Botswana: Regional Economic Integration Support Programme

SADC Secretariat
Economic & Private Sector Development

project description

The Regional Economic Integration Support Programme (REIS) Programme improved regional economic integration in the South African Development Community (SADC). The Programme was based on the SADC Common Agenda and the priorities set in its Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP). The Programme focused on the SADC Protocol on Trade (STP) and the Protocol on Finance and Investment (FIP). Moreover, the programme supported negotiation and implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The REIS programme addressed implementation issues at the regional level, particularly through capacity building of the SADC Secretariat to take forward the regional economic integration agenda.

We conducted an analysis of the REIS to provide indicators for evaluation purposes and concrete recommendations for future iterations in the 11th EDF. Specifically, our activities included:

  • Assessment of progress to date measured against the performance indicators established in the log frame;
  • Assessment of achievements made in relation to the implementation of the SADC Protocol on Trade and the SADC Protocol on Finance and Investment as well as the EU-SADC EPA;
  • An analysis of remaining gaps in the implementation of the SADC Protocols;
  • Appreciation of unexpected results and achievements;
  • Assessment of the sustainability of the intervention’s benefits and recommendations to ensure consolidation and sustainability of the results achieved under REIS;
  • Assessment of the major constraints faced in the implementation of the programme, lessons learned and recommendations on how constraints faced and experiences gained could be translated into future programmes;
  • Identification of gaps and new interventions with regard to implementation of the EU-SADC EPA and the ongoing negotiations for the Tripartite and Continental Free Trade Areas;
  • Rapid Assessment of Capacity Development (RAC) in the context of REIS to measure the success and impact of technical cooperation in the strengthening of SADC Secretariat’s (and TIFI Directorate in specific) capacities;
  • Appreciation of REIS’ results, effects and achievements in the context of cross-cutting issues such as gender equality, environmental sustainability and inclusion of underprivileged groups.

A focus was placed on participatory approaches with the stakeholders and beneficiaries, including periodic meetings and workshops.

services provided

  • Studied the current state-of-play of implementation of REIS and the likelihood of completion of foreseen activities and attainment of expected results within the remaining lifetime of the REIS programme
  • Studied the usefulness of an extension of the programme to complete pending and outstanding activities and/or consolidate achievements within the remaining available resources of the REIS programme
  • Identified remaining gaps within the implementation of the economic integration agenda of SADC and provided recommendations as to what specific thematic areas could be supported under future 11th EDF programmes to consolidate achievements made under REIS as well as support the implementation of the SADC-EU Economic Partnership Agreement