Cameroun : Programme d’Appui au Plan de Modernisation des Douanes

Délégation de l’Union Européenne au Cameroun
Economic & Private Sector Development

project description

The final evaluation reviewed the implementation of the customs modernization programme “Programme d’Appui au Plan de Modernisation des Douanes” (PAPMOD) in Cameroon. The evaluation identified lessons learned and gave recommendations for future projects.
The overall objective of the PAPMOD was to improve the competitiveness of the economy in Cameroon by supporting the customs and trade facilitation under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
The specific objective was to improve the efficiency of customs services through:

  • Facilitation of international trade;
  • Increase of customs revenues;
  • Strengthening customs institutions.

We reviewed the programme according to the OECD-DAC criteria: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, impact, ownership, communication and visibility.

services provided

  • Evaluated the objectives of the programme
  • Assessed relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, methodology and implementation approach
  • Assessed the organisation and management of the programme
  • Evaluated the impact of the programme on beneficiaries
  • Evaluated ownership and sustainability of the programme
  • Evaluated the communication and visibility of the programme
  • Evaluated complementarity with other donor programmes
  • Provided recommendations for the development of the programming of the 11th EDF