Democratic Republic of Congo: Support to REGIDESO S.A. in its organisational development and human resources

Democratic Republic of Congo
Education & Employment Promotion; Economic and private sector development

project description

Access to drinking water in DRC increased from 34% to 42% nationally between 2000 and 2015 and from 67% to 70% in urban areas. However, there is a gap between the access of the richest (82%, 2014) and the poorest (17%, 2014) populations. Thus, the cholera epidemic that has been raging in the country since the middle of 2017 cannot be fully defeated due to a lack of drinking water and sanitation. In urban areas, REGIDESO S.A. is the country’s main private operator of drinking water production facilities. The company cannot ensure the supply of the population due to a lack of efficiency and cooperation with other actors. State authorities still consider the company as a government service provider, which has to cover the water needs of government agencies and their employees free of charge. At the beginning of 2017, REGIDESO S.A.’s public debt exceeded USD 100,000,000. The company is therefore facing significant economic difficulties.

The overall objective of the project was to improve the availability of safe and affordable drinking water and hygienic sanitation for urban households in poor areas. The specific objective was to improve the management of REGIDESO S.A. in terms of operations, finances, human resources and the management of the clientele. A substantial contribution was expected to be made to the achievement of the following indicators:

● Indicator 1.1: In the areas of intervention, REGIDESO S.A.’s specific operating costs per m³ of drinking water distributed (taking into account the share of costs accruing to the national and regional directorates) decrease by 50%.

● Indicator 1.2: 20% of REGIDESO S.A.’s managers are women with a qualification corresponding to the job profile.

In order to achieve these goals , we have supported REGIDESO S.A.’s efforts to finalise the target organisation chart, job descriptions and target workforce, to implement tools for job forecasting management of Skills and to guarantee the quality assurance of HR products developed by local consultants.

services provided

  • Analyse framework documents, the target organisation chart and job descriptions 
  • Identify potential improvements in the organisation and content of the job descriptions
  • Develop a new version of the target organisation chart and job description
  • Organise a validation workshop
  • Preparing the target workforce
  • To develop with REGIDESO S.A. GPEC tools: Competence reference system; Professional career plan; Method for drawing up a competence development plan; Mechanisms for carrying out a competence assessment.
  • Ensuring the quality of HR products
  • Drawing up the final version of the HR procedures manual
  • Trainings