Europe: Systemic Innovation towards Long-term Sustainable Thinking

Several European countries
EIT Climate-KIC
Environment & Climate Change

project description

The Deep Demonstrations of Change are portfolios of experiments at the center of EIT Climate-KIC’s strategy for systemic innovation towards reducing GHG emissions and improving climate resilience. As one of eight experiment portfolios, the Long-termism Deep Demonstration is focused on the transformation of society towards long-term thinking and sustainable behaviours. Luvent Consulting co-designed the portfolio brief in 2019 through desktop research and three workshops to brainstorm and validate experiment ideas with various European climate change stakeholders.

The following topics were included in the research and workshop:

  • Affecting policy through working with challenge owners with most leverage, such as international organizations, regulatory bodies, institutional investors to reset the rules that can affect make better decisions to manage long-term risks and invest into future opportunities
  • Rethinking notions of value and reforming the financial system in order to release the needed capital to invest into climate action and sustainability
  • Working with individuals and the collective to trigger behavioural change facilitated through transparent information, incentives, capability building, and empowerment
  • Organizing individuals through the creation of new democratic spaces and working with collective networks to create groundswell pressure for change
  • Shifting culture and narrative to promote long-term mindsets, working with identity and relationships in collective cultures to change perceptions and habits, and using culture to unlock awareness of the role of the individual in their own decisions in the broader society

services provided

  • Created an ecosystem map to scope the problem and analyse the complex stakeholder relationships for systemic innovation in Europe and beyond
  • Designed experiments enabling the transformation of society towards long-term thinking and sustainable behaviours
  • Researched policy, finance, behaviour, democratic spaces, and culture as vehicles for societal transformation
  • Conducted three workshops to brainstorm and validate experiment ideas
  • Engaged local and international community through events hosted in conjunction with EIT Climate-KIC and partners
  • Coordinated EIT Climate-KIC and other European climate change stakeholders to define the challenge and look for potential solutions