Haiti: Mid-term Evaluation of the Programme “Improvement of the Governance in the Transport Sector”

Delegation of the European Union to Haiti
Infrastructure & Transport

project description

The specific objective of the assignment was to conduct a mid-term evaluation of the EU financed programme “Improving Governance in the Transport Sector in Haiti” using the OECD DAC criteria.  Period to be evaluated was from September 2018 to November 2021 with a total budget of 18 MEUR. 

The Financing Agreement “Improving governance in the transport sector in Haiti ” was signed on 20/09/2018 and it was designed to support the government to deal with the problems of transport. Its general goal was the effective contribution of the transport sector to the development of Haiti. It pursues following specific objectives: 

  • Improve institutional governance of the transport sector
  • Make the transport sector efficient and effective in all its missions.

The programme had the following components: 

  • Component 1: Establishment of a national multi-modal transport policy
  • Component 2: Operational capacity building for the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication
  • Component 3: Strengthening the protection and sustainability of road assets as well as their safety
  • Component 4: Carrying out of studies related to the transport sector.

services provided

  • Document / data collection 
  • Background analysis 
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Reconstruction of the LogFrame
  • Methodological design of the evaluation (questions with judgement criteria)
  • Interviews and virtual meetings 
  • Gathering of primary evidence with the use of interviews 
  • Analysis of findings and  slide presentation
  • Formulation of the overall assessment, conclusions and recommendations.