Jordan: Developing and managing structured sectoral PPDs in the garment, pharmaceutical and food processing sectors

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Ministry of Industry Trade and Supply (MoITS), Jordan Chamber of Industry, Jordan Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (JAPM)
Economic and private sector development

project description

The GIZ project “Trade for Employment” (T4E) is part of a special initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to tackle the root causes of displacement and to reintegrate refugees. The project was implemented as part of the Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan 2017-2018 in Response to the Syria Crisis and work within four outcome areas: (1) assist the private sector with shaping general conditions conducive to trade by developing the negotiation capacity of chambers of commerce and trade associations and institutionalising dialogue with the government, (2) seek to develop new demand-based trade promotion services and improve existing ones, (3) identify existing barriers to trade and facilitate export procedures and processes, (4) improve recruitment of personnel in trade-oriented businesses, with a particular focus on the placement of Syrian refugees. The project, in partnership with the Jordanian government, aimed at establishing effective Public Private Dialogue (PPD) structures for the Jordanian Garment and Food Processing Sectors, in addition to upgrading the existing PPD structure for the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Sector. The project was divided into two phases: 

  • Phase 1: Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), designing and implementing capacity building measures, and developing a practical handbook for PPD Structure. Luvent Consulting assessed and identified the partners’ capabilities and gathered the required information to support them in building and transferring the business model in Phase 2;
  • Phase 2: Supporting in the development of a sustainable business model. Luvent Consulting, in close cooperation with GIZ technical advisors, developed a sustainable business model that includes the business plan, human resources, and financial budget required to maintain the built PPD structure within the local partners.

services provided

  • Elaborated and implemented a concept for the development of a structured sectoral PPD 
  • Established the “PPD Secretariat” for the Garment Sector, assisting in terms of the development of SOPs, designing a governance structure, and training of staff on major areas that are related to PPD
  • Developed and implemented a concept for upgrading the existing sectoral PPD structure
  • Supported Jordanian partners in structuring and conducting PPDs ensuring inclusiveness of MSMEs in Jordan
  • Designed training material for the defined training topics (communication, facilitation, advocacy and policy recommendation writing skills) and then conducted 3 capacity building training courses
  • Supported in the adaptation of the new PPD structure on three specified optimization projects
  • Assisted the garment, pharmaceutical, and food processing sectors in establishing a business model to sustain the activities of the PPD Secretariats.