Wallis-et-Futuna : Stratégie pour le développement d’activités tertiaires délocalisées

Wallis-et-Futuna (France)
Union européenne
Economic & Private Sector Development; Education & Employment Promotion; Information & Communication Technology

project description

The overall objective of the study was to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands through the improvement of its internet accessibility via the underwater cable “Tui Samoa”. The specific objectives were to identify activities that created new jobs in the IT sector and to propose an action plan for the implementation of these activities.
The main results were:

  • Identification of areas in the tertiary sector based on Internet networks;
  • Development of an action plan to develop the tertiary sector based on Internet networks.

The project resulted in an analysis of the potential for the development of the tertiary sector, considering the institutional, human, social and economic characteristics of the Territory:

  • The advantages of a new service sector based on Internet accessibility;
  • Potential obstacles to the development of a new tertiary sector based on the Internet;
  • Factors that differentiate Wallis and Futuna from other countries or territories of comparable size and location in terms of attractiveness to entrepreneurs and investors;
  • Areas of services based on Internet access with growth potential for the Territory.
    The expert proposed recommendations, including an action plan to promote the development of a new territory sector based on Internet access. The action plan contained the following elements:
  • A list of service areas based on Internet access with growth potential and new businesses likely to be developed;
  • Specification of potential products or services, markets, profiles of project promoters, technical requirements, investments to be made and sources of financing that can be mobilized;
  • A list of factors and levers important to investors who could invest in Wallis and Futuna;
  • A timetable for the implementation of the action plan with distribution of responsibilities;
  • Recommendations for the implementation of the proposed plan.

We consolidated comments and conclusions from the workshops into the action plan:

  • Fact sheets on national, regional or other sources of financing available, as well as aid and subsidy mechanisms;
  • A list of the accompanying actions to be carried out by the Territory and by business support organisations, including training actions and changes in the legal and regulatory framework to be considered;
  • A communication plan for project promoters and potential investors, indicating communication targets (local professionals, external investors, key messages, channels, Institutional or business partners).

services provided

  • Conducted a literature review
  • Prepared an online survey
  • Elaborated Action Plan
  • Imparted two workshops to validate the action plan
  • Elaborated a communication strategy