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  • Alexander v. Brühl-Pohl

    Managing Director

    Mr von Brühl-Pohl is Managing Director of Luvent Consulting GmbH. He has extensive experience in...

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  • Benedikt Pollmeier

    Managing Director

    As Managing Director of Luvent Consulting, Mr Pollmeier is driving our business globally and has...

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  • K. Foutzopoulos-Lios

    International Business Development

    Mr. Konstantinos Foutzopoulos-Lios is an international relations expert with extensive experience...

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  • Florencia Fedel

    Project Manager

    Ms Fedel supports Pinto Luvent in business development for international donor-funded projects with...

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  • Judith Li

    Project Manager

    Ms Li supports Pinto Luvent in business development for international donor-funded projects with...

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  • Matia Mandela

    Sector Expert | Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Mr. Mandela supports Luvent Consulting in entrepreneurship, private sector development and innovation...

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  • Ismail Najjar

    Sector Expert | Natural Resources Management

    Dr. Najjar supports Luvent Consulting in water resources planning and management, geological engineering,...

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  • Hafeni Kashimbonde

    Regional Manager | Southern Africa

    A trained lawyer by profession, Mr. Kashimbonde is an international development specialist with...

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  • Marisol Zubizarreta

    Regional Manager | Latin America

    Ms Marisol Zubizarreta has an advanced degree in Social Science with a focus on Gender and Development...

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  • Vanessa Stachtou

    Sector Expert | Finance & Innovation

    Ms Vanessa Stachtou is a finance and innovation expert with 10 years of experience, working in several...

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  • Azam Salimov

    Regional Manager | Central Asia

    A trained Agronomist and Agricultural Expert with over 20 years of experience in central Asia,...

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  • Carlos Calcopietro

    Sector Expert | Trade and Regional Integration

    Mr Calcopietro has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of trade, private sector development...

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  • Kenneth Wright

    Sector Expert | Intellectual Property Rights

    Mr. Wright has more than 20 years of experience in the legal areas of intellectual property (IP),...

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  • Sabesh Shivasabesan

    Sector Expert | Governance & RIA

    Mr Shivasabesan is a seasoned governance and regulatory expert with wide experience in the public-private...

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  • Karl Tiller

    Sector Expert | GIS & MIS

    Mr Karl Tiller is an experienced sector expert in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS/RS),...

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  • Henri Themia

    Sector Expert | Education & TVET

    Mr Themia is an education expert with more than 30 years of professional experience in strategy...

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  • Soren Hjorth

    Sector Expert | Education & Employment

    Mr. Hjorth is an experienced team leader and sector expert in employment promotion, education, employability...

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  • Antonio Pacheco

    Sector Expert | Infrastructure & Transport

    Mr Pacheco has over 30 years of experience in the transport sector. He gained international experience...

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