Inès MouillardProject Manager

areas of expertise
  • Digitalisation
  • Green Transition
  • Human Rights
  • Evaluation
  • Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences, Sciences Po Bordeaux, France and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan
  • Dual Master d´Degree in International Affairs and Contemporary Asian Affairs, Sciences Po Bordeaux and École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France

Ms. Mouillard is a Project Manager for donor-funded initiatives, particularly those under GIZ and EU Framework Contracts. Her extensive global experience spans various roles in Japan, Panama, France, and Germany. Her career encompasses a dynamic range of positions, including working with consulting firms, innovative start-ups, non-governmental organisations, and notable diplomatic entities such as the French Embassy in Panama and the French Delegation of the European Commission.

As a Project Manager, Ms. Mouillard is responsible for overseeing project lifecycles, from managing contractual and financial obligations to ensuring strict quality control. She is adept at coordinating project deliverables and leading diverse teams to achieve exceptional outcomes. Her linguistic proficiency is remarkable, being fluent in French, English, Spanish, and Japanese, which enhances her ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in a multicultural environment.

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