Ghana: Provision of Information Management Services to the Resilience Against Climate Change Project

Delegation of the European Union to Ghana
Environment & Climate Change; Information & Communication Technology

project description

The “Resilience Against Climate Change” (REACH) Project on adaptation and mitigation to climate change for rural livelihoods in the savannah ecosystem of Ghana has been developed as part of the EU National Assistance. Among others, the project ensures that district and community capacity in climate and smart planning and natural resources management is developed and standardised in 54 districts.

We created a searchable, centralised digital library for the REACH Project compiling all available information on projects and programmes, funded by various donors, associated with the same objectives of conservation agriculture and natural resource management (NRM). This not only preserves hard won information and processes, but also provides a searchable store of knowledge and a comprehensive background for all ongoing and future project and investment formulation and district planning.

The library has the following functionalities:

Collect and collate information on all economic activities of the district;

Generate a database on the natural and economic resources of the district;

Technologically package such data to guide decision making; and

Spatially present natural and economic resources of the district for easy access by potential development partners especially from the private sector.

Additionally, district databases were established for:

Natural Resource endowments: Land use maps, soil suitability maps, population occupation structure, natural tourists’ attractions, water bodies and their location in relationship to agriculture land use sites

Economic resource endowments: Operational industry, energy sources, marketing facilities, roads and their relation to economic activities, potential tourist attractions, banks and other financial institutions

Social: Educational facilities, health facilities, recreation facilities

General: A spatial map of agriculture and agro-based activities in the district

In preparation for the digital library, we conducted a feasibility study on the technical capabilities and requirements to host the digital library. Upon approval of the strategy, we implemented the processes of digitalising existing publication data, conceptualising an updating process, training local staff, and other tasks related to the success of the digital library.

services provided

  • Conducted a scoping study clarifying the detailed demand, and technical limitations and capabilities for the digital format
  • Digitalised past and current project and programme publications pertaining to conservation agriculture and natural resource management in the Northern Savannah zone of Ghana in accordance with data standards
  • Established a digital library in the Northern Savannah zone of Ghana, including a data collection and dissemination mechanism
  • Trained local staff in the operation and maintenance of the library