Mediterranean countries: Support to Dialogues, Political and Economic Research and Studies of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

Several Mediterranean countries
European Commission DG NEAR
Economic & Private Sector Development

project description

The project reinforced dialogue, political and economic research and studies in priority themes of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and to ensure the dissemination of studies and research to civil society and decision-makers that are responsible for political and economic policies. Specifically, the programme helped support political research and studies through:

  • Increasing the capacity of political research institutions and think-tanks in analysing trends and challenges in the region;
  • Intensifying economic research on priority policy themes under Euro-Mediterranean Partnership such as the creation of sustainable and inclusive growth;
  • Improving knowledge regarding the economic and social impact of regional cooperation under the Union for the Mediterranean, the association agreements with the EU and the Neighbourhood policy;
  • Providing an in-depth analysis of major obstacles to regional economic integration and carrying out relevant sectoral studies with a view to strengthen the effectiveness of the support to deeper regional integration;
  • Disseminating the results of studies and research to target groups using the most appropriate tools and formats (web-site, news-letters, etc);
  • Providing policy briefs and recommendations on key issues for the attention of policy makers and socio-economic agents in the region.

We provided specific support in capacity development, dissemination of research and awareness. We performed an assessment of the programme according to OECD-DAC criteria to provide recommendations for the improvement of the project. Our support and recommendations helped finalize the project and shape new projects in the region and sector.

services provided

  • Fostered links and partnerships of political research institutions and think-tanks in the region to help policy-makers understand and address the challenges of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
  • Strengthened research capacity
  • Disseminated results of research and studies, and presentations in public workshops and conferences
  • Raised awareness of policy makers through recommendations concerning key economic and governance reform issues.